What you’ve been told about TIME is bullsh*t.

It’s one of your few finite resources.

From an early age, those of us in capitalist societies are told we need to “manage our time” well so that we can be as effective and productive as possible, usually to someone’s benefit other than our own. (I’m looking at you corporate CEO’s.)

“Schedule everything!” we’re instructed. “Make to-do lists and bucket lists and life-hack your days so that you can make more time! Optimize or outsource all the things! Don’t be lazy!”

But despite all those time-saving hacks, planners, and lists, you still find yourself wondering,
“Holy shit. Where did the day (or year, or decade) go?”

It’s not your fault.

At some point you have to realize that buying another time management book, a different planner, or learning a new hack isn’t the answer.

Because the problem isn’t you. You are not inadequate. You don’t lack the tools, discipline, or willingness to change the ways you use your time.

You’ve been fed guesses from a charismatic, confident segment of the population who believe they know what’s best for you, but who are merely dreaming up solutions to a problem they have yet to truly solve.

You can’t invent more time. But you can change your relationship to it.

That’s exactly what we did in January when our theme was TIME.

We used daily journaling prompts to help us answer the ultimate question, are we spending every moment of our lives honoring our values and the vision we have for who we want to be in the world?

Every day we committed to silencing distractions and journaling for 11 minutes so that we could get clear about how we use our precious time to uphold our values, get shit done, and move closer to being who we want to be.

Week 1

We observed our mindset around time and the shifts we needed to make.

We dropped the bullshit about looking at time through the lens of productivity and optimization, and dove deep into what it looks like and feels like to honor our time based on how we give it away and what we value.

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Week 2

We focused on what we want more of in every aspect of our lives: personal growth, friendship, career/service, fun/pleasure, physical environment, romance/sexuality, and journaling practice.

Looking at what we truly want from all of those areas of our lives, we begin to notice what’s of real importance to us, and what we need to let go of so that we can create the changes we want. (No life hacks allowed!)

Week 3

This week was all about sitting with the discomfort as we journaled about how we use time to care for ourselves, take care of high-level tasks, what we want others to say about how we spent our time after we’re gone, and setting an intention about how we will spend our time this year.

Examining the ways we want to be remembered and what we prioritize helps us more deeply understand what it means to us to spend our time wisely, and what we need to shift so that we can spend it doing what matters the most to us.

Week 4

This week we journaled about present time. How we felt, what we desired, acknowledging how we’ve grown.

Sitting with the present is something many of us have to re-train ourselves to do. We allowed ourselves to notice the thoughts about the past and future that float by, instead of judging them like we learned to do, which has led to our suffering. Instead of judgement we got raw and honest about what we want to do and how we feel right now. And we honored the magical people we are right now. These serve as reminders of all we have accomplished, our strength, and what we are capable of so that we can courageously take action.

(Need a quick exercise to help ground yourself so you can be present and soothe anxiety? Check out my Active Mindful Present technique blog post + video!)

7 Journal Prompts to shift your relationship with time

To start shifting your own relationship with time, I invite you to journal using the prompts from our first week of our time theme.

Each day for the next seven days, find a quiet spot, silence your devices, set a timer for at least 11 minutes, and write the whole time so that you get to your white-hot truth.

  • Day 1: No bullshit. What two things are stealing my precious and powerful time? Exactly how much time do they take from me every week? Day? Month? What do I notice about giving this time away?
  • Day 2: What is the most important thing I want to create and complete this year? What kind of time, specifically, is required in creating that?
    What must I say no to giving my time to make it happen?
  • Day 3: When I come from a curious and brave space I see I give my time away because I…
  • Day 4: What does it look like to honor every moment of my one precious life?
  • Day 5: If I look into the future, on December 31, I see I used my time in 2021 to create…
    Because I was willing to…
  • Day 6: Reflecting back over the past several days I notice I’ve spent my time…
  • Day 7: Before our live session tomorrow I am clear I will hold myself accountable to honoring my time by…

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