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The following success stories come straight from members of the AMP Tribe, who are have been more than willing to share their experiences with anyone who wants to know about AMP.

I realized that my stuckness was based on my old stories.


Grace (Los Angeles, CA)


Joining the AMP Studio is one of the best things I have done in years.

I am so much healthier — in mind and body. Journaling, meditation, foam-rolling, connecting with like-minded people… I can't even count all the benefits. It has been life-changing — a term I do not use lightly!

Heather Epps

Rebecca - Graduate Student

Joining the studio showed me ways of looking at life that I never would have come up with on my own. It helped build my confidence and really stand up for my values.

Kaci - SVP

The AMP tribe has been a fantastic way to ground myself. Angela's live sessions are inspiring and eye-opening. I've enjoyed the format so much that I invited my friends too!

Liz - Registered Nurse

I'd recommend joining the studio to people who need grounding and want to be a part of a like-minded group of individuals. So far, I have achieved a balance of mind-body connection.

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Journaling provides accountability.


Jill Ragsdale (Storyteller, Wife & Mom, Lioness - Colorado)


I finally understood what values were being stepped on.

“Like a lot of people, I have my ups and downs and I’m always looking for a way to have more ups and get out of my downs. I meditate, exercise, eat healthy, get my sleep, etc. But every time my head spins I look for distractions which never really help. They’re always forced. And then Angela introduced the idea of values, which gave me something actionable to apply to my despair. It’s a way to look at a negative thought and see what value was being stepped on.
It’s not a magic bullet to make all my troubles go away, but it’s a simple, interesting pathway to help cope with despair, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Jay M.


AMP is all about nourishing my body, mind and soul.

I love the ability to pop into live classes, often even just for meditation or journaling, and also have access to all the video recordings and journal prompts. The community has helped me focus my body, mind, and soul.

Kristin Brown

I love being a part of the AMP tribe with Angela! She combines a great body-positive approach with a fabulous community and the continual push through journaling and coaching to be my best self. The daily journal prompts are so on point for what I need and well integrated into the workout. She helps me connect my mind and my body so that I'm growing - getting stronger in both places, gaining new insights and putting them into action. And she keeps me accountable with periodic community conversations and reminders of past goals. 

Susannah Gustafson - Executive Coach


I hope you love it as much as I do!

The AMP Tribe approach is focused on having a healthy and strong mind (and body), taking away any of the self-conscious issues (like body-image issues) that we develop over time.

I really love the AMP community of people from around the world who care about their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Ami Jo Preisler

AMP is a space where you can get strong in mind, body, and soul. Angela understands the connection between the physical and emotional and brings an integrated approach to fitness. Her studio is welcoming, challenging, and accepting. She creates community and draws people in with her warmth and joy. I highly recommend Angela’s studio.

Kendra Loewen - Coach + Fundraising Consultant

AMP encourages me to do what's good for my mind & body.

Joining a thriving and vibrant community is something I have found to be really uplifting and helpful as I continue my spiritual journey and yoga practice. Angela really manages to push me to be better along the way.

Natalie Glidewell

I'm finally tapping into my true power.

Because of AMP Coaching, I am now moving into a phase of my life where I am tapping into my true power of impact through play, joy, and focused action. No extraneous thoughts are necessary because if I follow the enJOYment of life I am surely on the right path.

I AM EMPOWERED IN MY LIFE. I can choose my own experience. I trust myself to decide what is right for me.



I have been an AMP member for months and haven’t missed a single live session.

I love the way Angela's sessions make me feel. I love the coaching, the meditations, the live journaling, but most of all and the AMP Tribe community. We always support and stand by each other - that's the best part!

Mascia Berlincioni

I've learned to put my values first.

Joining the AMP studio and the whole community has been life-changing. The biggest revelation is that I've finally learned to put my values first (instead of stepping on them at each decision I took): when I do that, life becomes boundless and happier.

Jeff Jones

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