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The following success stories come straight from members of the AMP Tribe, who are have been more than willing to share their experiences with anyone who wants to know about AMP.


Joining the AMP Studio is one of the best things I have done in years.

I am so much healthier — in mind and body. Journaling, meditation, foam-rolling, connecting with like-minded people… I can't even count all the benefits. It has been life-changing — a term I do not use lightly!

Heather Epps

Rebecca - Graduate Student

Joining the studio got me on an efficient schedule again, showed me ways of moving that I never would have come up with on my own, and helped build my strength and flexibility back up.

Kaci - SVP

The AMP tribe has been a fantastic way to ground myself. Angela is attentive during the live sessions and offers corrections on form and positioning. I've enjoyed the format so much that I invited my friends too!

Liz - Registered Nurse

I'd recommend to join the studio to people who are short on time, need some grounding, and want to be a part of alike-minded group of individuals. So far, I have achieved a balance of physical fitness and mind-body connection.

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AMP has helped me get into a regular fitness routine.

The ability to pop into live classes, often even just for meditation or journaling, and also have access to all the replays to do when my children are napping, has helped me focus my body, mind, and soul.

Kristin Brown


I love being a part of the AMP tribe with Angela. She combines great, body positive workouts including targeted individualized corrections with a fabulous community and the continual push through journaling and coaching to be my best self. The daily journal prompts are so on point for what I need and well integrated into the workout. She helps me connect my mind and my body so that I'm growing - getting stronger in both places, gaining new insights and putting them into action. And she keeps me accountable with periodic community conversations and reminders of past goals. 

Susannah Gustafson - Executive Coach


I hope you love it as much as I do!

AMP Tribe workouts are both challenging and fun, focused on building healthy, strong bodies. I really love the AMP community of people from around the world who care about their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Ami Jo Preisler

AMP is a space where you can get strong in body, mind, and soul. Angela understands the connection between the physical and emotional and brings an integrated approach to fitness. Her studio is welcoming, challenging, and accepting. She creates community and draws people in with her warmth and joy. I highly recommend Angela’s studio.

Kendra Loewen - Coach + Fundraising Consultant


Going to the gym has always been intimidating and daunting to me.

Being able to work out in the comfort of my own home, with all the resources and tools I need, has been really great. The AMP community aspect is something I have found to be really uplifting and helpful as I continue my spiritual journey and yoga practice.

Natalie Glidewell

Prior to joining AMP, I was frustrated with how much I was exercising and that effort not translating to less weight on the scale. Since making the decision to join the AMP Tribe, I have a renewed sense of focus — not only on my physical fitness, but also my soul and mind. Angela’s workouts make me feel strong and confident in my own skin.

Sarah Goschy


I have been an AMP member for months and haven’t missed a single lesson.

I love the way Angela makes my body work. I had an injury, but with her help I now feel much, much better. I also love the coaching, meditations, and the AMP Tribe community I am now a part of. We support each other!

Mascia Berlincioni

I started workout out as I needed to do something to try and keep fit. Once the sessions started, it turned out to be much more than that. Each time I feel more grounded by just seeing the other people in the studio and having fun together.

Jeff Jones

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