The more we think to ourselves, “I can’t change that,” the more we believe it. And the more power we give away without realizing it. 

It’s an easy trap to fall into. 

But thoughts that leave us feeling like shit need our attention, little bird. Why? Because they’re not true. 

Especially when it comes to personal power. 

Our thoughts more than our situations keep us stuck.

We dig ourselves into the hole and get stuck in perceived powerlessness when we engage in comparison:

  • when we feel shame around our career path because we’re “behind” everyone else in our social group professionally or financially
  • when it feels like everyone around us is in a happy, fulfilling romantic relationship and we’re miserable in ours or haven’t found our person yet
  • when we want to move to our favorite city and are certain we’ll never be able to afford it.

Or, we give power away by:

  • going with the flow even when it feels bad
  • staying quiet when we know we should speak up
  • undercharge or overpay
  • not believe in ourselves and our abilities
  • laughing at an offensive joke.

As time passes, these assumptions and actions about our lack of power become our reality.

Desire for change + worthiness + action = POWER

That’s why this month in AMP Tribe we’re harnessing the power of journaling and community to lift ourselves out of the comparison and powerlessness trap.

What consumes your mind controls your life. So change your mindset and take action, my dear, and you will shift into the powerful badass you already are.

We kicked off March’s power theme with the simple but radical equation: desire for change + worthiness + action = POWER.

Super simple math. (Even if you barely passed Algebra II, you can figure this one out.)

Week 1

We started at the very beginning: the power to change our thinking. We noticed our thoughts. Sat with them. Saw how easily they pull us into a hell that doesn’t even exist and that we don’t deserve to live in. We committed to a 5-minute stillness and meditation challenge for the rest of the week.

This helped us to be compassionate with ourselves, hearts and minds so that we can replace the powerLESS thoughts with the powerFULL ones.

(To experience our first week of journaling prompts and group session, read on to the end of this page.)

Watch the POWER session replay

Week 2

It's all about the power to change our story. How? By making peace with the ways we give our power away, and the ways it was stolen from us. In other words, we work towards forgiveness.

Turning to both forgiveness and journaling helps to heal our power and our trauma so that we can find the courage to take action. So we say out loud what we need to forgive ourselves for, and we create our own forgiveness ceremonies, in order to rewrite the stories that need to be rewritten.

Week 3

We’re using power to define our vision. It takes courage to choose your own path and stand in your own truth. It takes power to choose your life instead of having it chosen for you.

So we’re journaling about the places we still lack courage in our lives, and in what ways we are incredibly courageous. We write about the changes we would make if we had all the courage in the world and notice what that tells us about our vision for our lives.

Listen to Power audio

Week 4

We consider how we can use our power to change our situation. Work of this depth takes focus, clarity, and intentionality.

So we are challenging ourselves to take action and commit to practicing focus, and we’re using the power of our community to hold us accountable. We are journaling about which of our current commitments are taking our power. We’re taking action. And we’re exploring what these desires, intentions, and commitments tell us about what our focus is.

Week 5

We’re looking at the power to take radical action. NOW WE GO BIG.

In group journaling, we’ll complete a radical action challenge that requires us to step fully into our power and commitment. For the rest of the week, we’ll journal on our own about the changes and mindset shifts we’ve made to step into your power, and what we learned about ourselves in the process. This leads us to learn what our next BIG action in our lives needs to come next.

Want to see how the power of journaling can help you own your personal power?

I invite you to use our first week’s journaling prompts as a starting point. Each day, find a quiet spot and commit to journaling for 11 minutes until you get to your white-hot truth. 

  • Day 1: How can I compassionately be with my beautiful and wild mind this week and let those power-LESS thoughts just float by?
  • Day 2: How will I replace power-LESS thoughts with a thought that empowers me to trust I can change whatever I damn well want?
  • Day 3: By choosing the power-FULL thought I get access to...
  • Day 4: Right now my thoughts are telling me that I am...
  • Day 5: Having followed through on my commitment of 5 minutes of daily stillness to watch my thoughts I notice...
  • Day 6: Free writing exploration...

Check out the replay of our first group journaling session for March’s power theme

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