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Spiritual Intuitive Session

Dr. Kamala Easton LIVE from India

Spiritual teacher, intuitive advisor, author, & speaker. Kamala received the Gift of Knowing after her spiritual transformation in India.

She will begin her session sharing information that is currently relevant and coming through her. She’ll then offer an interactive intuitive reading to participants! Bring your questions.

“With incredible accuracy Kamala weaves deep and insightful information as if being recited from a saint, an angel and/or some divine energy. I come away with my burdens lifted."

FB: Dr.KamalaEaston
IG: drkamalaeaston

Finding your resiliency and courage

Kendra Loewen

We can’t control what’s happening in the world. We can tap into our wisdom to respond with resiliency and courage. Join Coach Kendra for some self-reflection and a guided meditation to connect with your inner strength, wisdom, and clarity.

All you need is a journal + pen and a comfortable spot. (We like to create a bit of a blanket and pillow nest on the floor.) 

"Kendra has superpowers that allow her to see below the surface, make connections, ask the next right questions. She holds space for you to tap into your own inner wisdom."

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Values Coaching for Leaders and Creatives

Angela Parker

Create the most epic & fulfilling work of your career by naming and claiming your modern values.

When you get clear with what means more to you than anything, you start living your life in alignment with your big f*cking dreams.

"Angela's values coaching gave me more clarity than 19 years of therapy, and more fulfillment than making partner or buying my vacation home in France.“

Join American coach Angela Parker from her studio in Italy. Bring a journal, grab some tissue, silence your phone - it's values time baby.

IG: @angelaparkerfit
FB: angelaparkerfit

Moving Soul, Free-Form Dance for everyone

Georgianne Cowan

"Hard times require furious dancing." - Alice Walker

Join like-hearted movers from all over the world and reclaim your inner dancer. Enjoy the Halloween spirit in embodied free-form movement. It’s not about performing - it’s about dancing how you feel. Conscious dance is a moving meditation.

Georgianne Cowan is a mytho/poetic, meditative movement pioneer who has been teaching/performing for over three decades. She is the author of “The Soul of Nature,” Chair of the L.A. Dance Collective and creator of Moving Soul Dance.

Web: LA Dance Collective
IG: @georgiannecowan
FB: GeorgianneCowan

Family Mindfulness Session 

Randi Jo

Get grounded for & with your family with some fun & simple mindfulness exercises you can do with everyone (Toddlers to Grandparents).

We'll practice mindful eating. Bring a snack (raisins, fruit, veggie). You'll want a comfortable place to sit (cushion, mat or chair).

A full-time certified yoga teacher since ’99, Randi Jo is internationally known for her in-person, on-line, and family yoga & mindfulness programs. 

IG: @Yogawithrandijo
FB: Yoga with Randi Jo

Getting Messy to Get Clear

Sonia Chavez

We all need a safe space to toss aside the masks (literally), let our hair down, and let our wild be explored. If you are feeling heavy, overwhelmed, a bit lost, and over emotional, this is the space to let it out, sit with it all, and gain some clarity on what's needed.

Just bring a pen, journal, and your vulnerability.

Sonia is soul translator, dream reviver, and leadership pioneer with a mission to activate our Rebel Leaders into action! Beyond the training and certification, Sonia lives her teaching, offering her community rich experiential expertise beyond the books!

"With Sonia’s deliberate techniques, profound questioning ability, and thought-provoking guidance, she has helped me transform my way of thinking, interacting, and even address the negative self-talk I’ve experienced my entire life."

FB: Looking2Leap
LinkedIn: looking2leap

Create an indoor Edible Garden 

Tahio Avila

Replace store-bought herbs and salads with your own edible garden. Learn how to grow your own salad!

Tahio's (easy) 3-step system will help create your own indoor garden. 

Just bring a pen and paper! After our session, all you'll need is a recycled container, soil, and seeds. From wherever you are join Tahio in Portugal to start your green journey with confidence!

Venezuelan born Tahio splits her time between Italy and Portugal. She designs indoor & outdoor gardens space for clients all over the globe. 

Web: freshlemonadegardens
IG: @freshlgardens
Pinterest: FreshLemonadeGardens

Bring Your Grief Here:
Peer Support on Grief

Leslie Barber

Are you carrying grief? So many of us are.

Perhaps from the death of a loved one or the loss of physical connection, the ending of a marriage or a job, racial injustice or political turmoil, the closing of a business or inability to go into work. We grieve for so many reasons, mostly for love.

Grief Warrior brings recognition, respect and reconnection with the grieving through corporate managerial & HR trainings, 1:1 grief coaching, "grief squad" team responses, and Heartfelt sympathy gift packages. Our expert Grief Warrior coaches are hosting a peer support call to witness and acknowledge your grief.

IG: @agriefwarrior
Twitter: @agriefwarrior
LinkedIn: Grief Warrior

Feminine Somatic Alchemy

Jessica Bensley

A gentle movement class and tour of our shadow and light emotions.

We will identify and experience where joy, rage, grief, confidence and desire reside in our body and express it in a safe and empowering way for emotional alchemy.

FB: Reclamation to Rewild
IG: Reclamationtorewild

Fully-Immersive Sound Bath

Theta beats & toning to activate healing | Michael & Jahna

Experience a transformative sound healing with a Mindful Meditation, Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl SoundBath and Ethereal Voice. Toning frequencies are carefully crafted to create binaural beats that support anxiety release and wellbeing.

These internationally renowned sound practitioners have facilitated workshops across the globe and their meditation recordings have enjoyed over half a million plays worldwide.

“Michael and Jahna’s music meditation is the only thing that silences my mind. All I can feel are the vibrations which force my body
to completely be at ease." MB

IG: @MichaelandJahna
FB: MichaelandJahna

Group Journaling Session

Angela Parker

Discover the power of journaling during this 30-min inspirational live session guided by Angela Parker.

Regulate your nervous system and ground yourself through this beautiful, transformative act of self-discovery and self-care. Journaling is a fast and powerful tool to uncover your truth, express your unique wisdom, and own your story.

You are invited to join whether journaling is already a daily part of your routine or not.

There's no right or wrong way to do it: you'll be guided with specific prompts, aimed at helping you get closer to your most authentic values and your life vision. All you need is pen and paper.

IG: @angelaparkerfit
FB: angelaparkerfit

Ballet Barre Class 

Jennifer Niggle

A fusion of classical ballet and traditional barre fitness. You'll be challenged, lengthened, and will gain a deeper understanding & awareness of posture, form and alignment. 

You'll need a chair (or stable surface), yoga mat, & a set of 1-2lb weights. No weights? No problem! You'll use your body weight for an incredible workout. 

Jennifer Niggle is a dancer and barre fitness certified instructor with over 35 years of classical dance experience. Jennifer enjoys sharing her passion for classical ballet and fusing it with anti-diet fitness-based classes suitable for all levels and all bodies. 

IG: @bodybyjenny1
YT: Body by Jenny