Pleasure is yours to take. 


Pleasure. Sensuality. What’s your mental, emotional, and physical reaction when you hear or read these words?

It’s possible you think of these as “dirty” words. If you follow me, it’s unlikely you find them “dirty” in the sexual sense (we’re sex positive AF around here); it’s more likely that you think you have to earn pleasure, though. Especially if you have a habit of using the phrase guilty pleasure.

My friends, there is nothing guilty about pleasure.

But that doesn’t stop us from having distorted thinking and baggage when it comes to the simple joys we find pleasurable.

That’s why I wanted my AMP Tribe community to explore pleasure and sensuality through journaling and experience in February.

Americans have a fraught relationship with damn near everything considered pleasurable.

We’ve been taught that we can’t trust ourselves and our sensuality. That has to change in order to experience life fully and presently.

Maybe you feel shame around food and eating because of diet culture. (Who of us hasn’t heard or said, I’m going to need to work off this piece of birthday cake at the gym tomorrow?)

Or religion placed sex and sexuality into such small, tight boxes clearly labeled “right” and “wrong” when you were growing up that you don’t feel free to explore them, and it’s eating you alive from inside.

Perhaps toxic masculinity has taught you not to feel or express emotions (men), or that you have strictly-defined behaviors and roles you must follow in order to be a respectable woman.

Or you feel unworthy of the good things in your life because you don’t think you had to work hard enough to earn them.

And look no further than the judgemental people in the grocery store who sneer with contempt when someone ahead of them in the checkout line is buying anything that looks too “nice” with food stamps. (I’m looking at you, Karen. Keep your eyes on your own paper. People are allowed to buy a few ribeyes if they want steak.)

But we as humans have evolved to experience pleasure. Not only is it built into our DNA, it’s also our right. Yes. It’s your right to enjoy life. It doesn’t have to be earned.

You have permission to enjoy life.

Nobody can write that permission slip except for you!

That’s what I helped my AMP Tribe community understand in February as we journaled our way through pleasure, desire, and sensual experiences.

Using the affirmation “I trust myself” we explored pleasure and our senses, excavated old stories to rewrite, tuned into what we desire now, and how we want to experience pleasure in the future.

The response from our AMP community was incredible as they journaled about pleasure and sensory exploration over the course of four weeks. It’s eye-opening to see how many people have the same stories and hang-ups around pleasure. And bearing witness as a community gives everyone the strength to break out of their shells.

AMP member Heather wrote an essay that was featured in one of my newsletters about her relationship with pleasure. Here’s an excerpt:

I dig deep and I oversee the excavation. I explore and repair and rebuild, and start anew.

But then that word
pleasure comes back. Words I thought I knew.

Knew the meaning of and had done the work on in a past life.

Words like forgiveness and shame.

And when those words start to become unearthed afresh I realize the unfathomable depths of self-deception. I realize the work I thought had been excavation, exploration, and the start of a new foundation had actually been the acknowledgment of a journey needed, the acceptance of the tools to take along the path, and the opening of the confessional door deep within my sub-conscience.” Heather Epps

Week 1

We kicked off pleasure month by exploring sound and music in our live group journaling session (watch the video at the end of this page and see how much fun we had!)

We journaled all week while listening to what our hearts and bodies tell us pleasure is to us. We got raw and real about what we need to release to have access to more pleasure, and stories that block us from pleasure.

Watch the PLEASURE session replay

Week 2

We continued using our senses as a pleasure playground and naming and claiming what gives us pleasure, concentrating on fragrance and cravings. (And we brought our favorite sweet treat to live group journaling!)

We explored why we find our favorite scents so delightful, and what that tells us about ourselves. We journaled about what we notice when we honor our cravings rather than deny or vilify them. We learned about how our favorite scents and cravings remind us what we have access to, which creates a sense of joy and gratitude.

Week 3

Touch. Oh, my! Pleasurable touch can be sexual, but it’s not limited to that. In group journaling we brought or wore items that feel luxurious and good to touch to remind us how simple it is to experience pleasure when we allow it.

During the week, we journaled about how we want to be touched, how we want to touch others, our stories around touch and pleasure, and how we can further allow touch to increase our pleasure.

Week 4

We looked at pleasure. Literally. By exploring the sense of sight.

We journaled and considered what we wish we could unsee. What stories block us from seeing pleasure. What deeply erotic things we wish to look at. And what we’re not seeing in our lives.

Using our vision, we were able to describe exactly what a pleasure-filled life looks like to each of us, individually.

Shift your relationship with pleasure


To start shifting your own relationship with pleasure, enjoy this replay of our first live group journaling session during February, our pleasure-themed month. It will make you smile and inspire you to allow more pleasure into your life!

Watch the PLEASURE session replay

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Once you give yourself permission and learn to trust yourself through transformative journaling and sensory exploration, you’ll see just how much access you have to a life filled with more delight and presence.

That’s why the AMP Tribe exists: to help members rewrite their stories and take action towards a more delightful life.

We hope you’ll join us.

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