About Us

The AMP Studio is brought to you (with love from Italy) from a small but mighty team of two ladies (and one fan boy).

Angela Parker
Founder: AMP Studio and Angela Parker International
💜 Teacher, international entrepreneur, business & life coach, anti-diet-culture fitness trainer, ballet-inspired yoga instructor, and lover of all things Italian.
💜 American living in Italy, dancer, home decor nerd, checklist enthusiast, nature lover, Birkenstock devotee & very full of sass.
Caterina Piagentini
AMP Studio Digital Strategist
💜 Professional translator, linguistic & cultural mediator, and digital marketing strategist.
💜 Italian world traveler from Tuscany, singer, songwriter, yoga fan, and good food lover.
🙏🏻 A big special thank you...
... to our #1 AMP Studio supporter Mr. Justin Mayer
💜 AMP Studio sanity & spell checker, photographer, cheerleader, dedicated evening & weekend tech advisor & chooser of studio gear.
💜 Japanese & Italian speaking American, world traveler, internet privacy advocate, popcorn aficionado, and Angela’s beloved.

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