Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time. - Margaret Bonnano

What’s your money story?

Have you ever noticed that money stresses you out even when you have plenty of it?

Or maybe you feel like money manages you, rather than the other way around.

You might have guilt, fear, and shame around money…

  • if you grew up with very little…
  • if you have ever filed bankruptcy…
  • if you have a problematic spending habit…
  • if you have “too much” money…
  • if you feel you haven’t earned the money you have…
  • if you think you’ll never earn what you want or deserve...

You see, the way you think about money, consciously or not, affects the way you behave with money.

Good news, friend. AMP Tribe is here to change that… for the better.

You and money can have a beautiful long-term relationship, no matter your current financial situation.

Damn near everyone has some kind of money story. And our saboteurs like to keep us stuck in them.

That’s why I want AMP Tribe their relationships with money through journaling and experience in April. (Is there a better time than tax season? I mean, really…)

You can create and nurture a beautiful new relationship with money, even if you...

  • think you’re “financially illiterate”
  • have enough money that you don’t really have to think about
  • have deep shame or guilt around mone
  • don’t have as much of it as you want
  • don’t currently trust yourself with money

Here’s how we’re exploring money in April.

We’re starting with the AMP Tribe Power-FULL Money Mantra:

“I’m deserving of abundance. I have courage to look at the truth. I create wealth based on my values.”

Week 1

We are kicking off money month by diving into curiosity: why money matters to us; assumptions (lies) about life with + without wealth; sanctity; scarcity; abundance; values.

We’re also looking at who our money heroes are, and what characteristics they embody that we admire. Why? So that by the end of the month, WE embody those characteristics and become our own money heroes.

Week 2

This week, we practice the radical act of compassion. We’re bringing our regret, shame, and scarcity thoughts into the light.

It’s simple, but not easy, to bring our darker thoughts into the light, but so necessary. Get ready to look honestly at debt, wealth, dirty money, fear, control, and excess. That’s the only way we can truly see the story we’re stuck in that’s not serving us.

Week 3

Time to get TRUTH-Y. This is where we acknowledge that time can heal, and time isn’t real – (Mind blown? I know. Stay with me.) – so that we can root into reality and amplify possibility.

We’ll explore why both of these mindsets are required to create abundance, and why our saboteurs are lying assholes who steal our abundance mindsets. We will describe our financial situations with raw, radical honesty, and explore what opens up to us with “yes! and…” thinking.

Week 4

All about vision. Envisioning what’s possible. Our money dreams. Future thinking. Intentions. Purpose. Action!

Through guided imagery, we’ll envision the end of our lives as we reflect on our riches… what we did, thoughts we had, beliefs we held, values we honored. We will ask ourselves, what purpose are our lives meant to serve? And how does abundant thinking serve that purpose?

6 Journal Prompts to shift your relationship with money

To start shifting your own relationship with money, enjoy the first week’s money-themed prompts below.

Each day for the next 6 days, find a quiet spot, silence your devices, set a timer for at least 11 minutes, and write the whole time so that you get to your white-hot truth.

  • Day 1
    As I begin my Money Abundance + Clarity journey I see these are my top 3 scarcity thoughts:
    1. ______________
    2. ______________
    3. ______________
    When I name those I notice…
  • Day 2
    I desire to honor these three money values:
    1. ______________
    2. ______________
    3. ______________
    When I name those I notice…
  • Day 3
    How to I live my money values every day?
  • Day 4
    Right now my thoughts are telling me that I am ___________ with/about money.
    Write a detailed new story based in abundance.
  • Day 5
    On my human journey I picked up some assumptions + lies about money that make me feel ___________.
    The saboteur (who’s still spinning this shit) is named ___________.
    Write a letter to that specific saboteur telling them why you no longer need their help (and to kindly f*ck off).
  • Day 6
    Free writing exploration around money, abundance, scarcity, values, curiosity…

Once you give yourself permission and learn to trust yourself through transformative journaling, you’ll see just how much access you have to a life filled with more abundance than you can imagine.

That’s why the AMP Tribe exists: to help members rewrite their stories and take action towards a more abundant life.

We hope you’ll join us!

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