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Ciao bella!

I'm Angela Parker.

I'm a trained professional life & business coach, certified fitness trainer, and trauma informed yoga teacher.

I teach deep feelers, like you, how to show up fully awake in their lives through group coaching and embodied movement. 

At the age of 23, I founded Body Inspired Fitness, which I grew to be the largest & longest running outdoor fitness boot camp in Santa Monica, California. That’s when I started building my thriving community, which now lives here, in my online AMP studio.

I successfully sold BIF in 2018 and moved to a tiny village in the Italian Alps.

As an ACSM & NESTA certified fitness instructor and CTI trained Business & Life Coach, I shatter the standard approach and have redefined what it means to be fit in your own body and mind, by following an anti-diet culture and health at every size philosophy.

As a former dancer, 200-hour Yoga Alliance & Trauma-Informed yoga instructor, I infuse my workout sessions with yoga poses and ballet-inspired movements that are effective, fluid and elegant.

I harness the transformative power of embodied movement to take your coaching journey to the next level so you can experience growth faster and find your flow with ease.


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